Due to my problems with the other blog site I am not sure if this day was saved or not… Early start since could see that although Misty the sky was clear and with rain forecast again best wr get ad much walked as possible before it. Short road walk then onto very very wet and boggy farmland. Hard to imagine how the soil could hold all that water, even on slopes. Made for unpleasant underfoot however nice and bright sky. Then 5km road walk with Keitha setting a cracking pace. More farm walk then down to walk along a swollen muddy creek which joined the swollen muddy Kk River and this led us past farms and lifestyle block s into Kk itself. Some magnificent homes with gardens backing onto the river. The more urban and much publicised river walk is closed for redevelopment at present so had to take to hot pavement for final few km into town. As we approached Kk one of the women we met in the car on 90  Mile Beach ran across the park to greet us, having recognised us from her car. Nice to see her. Then in the township we ran into Dylan an Rose who had hitched from Mangamuka and were walking to see the stone store. Arranged to havea drink and tea with them later. A great evening. They camped the night at the local RSA where the welcome mat is out for RV’s and accepted a small tent that night instead.